Elisabeth Countess Bathory



Elisabeth Bathory was born in Hungary in 1560.  At the age of 15 she married to Count Ferencz Nadasdy and took residence in castle Csejthe.  The Countess Bathory and her husband took part in black magic and demonic rituals.

The Count Nadasdy often left the castle to go to war.  It was at these times Elisabeth had lesbian orgies mixed with sado-masochism.

Elisabeth was at her middle age when her husband had died.  One day she struck one of her servants for carelessness.  blood lay on her hand which gave it a youthful appearance.  The Countess then thought that blood made her look younger so she took to killing girls.  At her castle she had dungeons where girls were kept and being fattened up for blood, she also had people kidnapping girls and taking them back to the castle where they were killed.  Elisabeth Bathory believed herself to be a vampire, by this she drank blood and bathed in it.

Over the years the Countess and her associates killed over 600 girls, all of which were used for their blood.  The villagers were aware but could not act upon it as she had powerful friends.  Prime Minister Thurzo of Hungary who was a cousin of the Countess decided to do something and stormed the castle with soldiers to arrest the Countess and her associates.  They were amazed at what they saw in the castle, such torture practices that were far more gruesome than the usual, dead corpses filled the castle.

Countess Bathory and her associates were arrested.  All but the Countess were sentenced to death.  The Countess herself was put into a sealed room with small spaces for ventilation and the passing of food.  She died on the 21 August 1614 at the age of fifty-four.  It is said that the Countess' life story inspired Bram Stoker to write 'Dracula'.



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