The many sources of information used to create this page.  Essential serial murder reading.


The Murderer’s WHO’S WHO - By J.H.H Gaute & Robin Odell

Book Of The Unexplained Volume Two - By Jane Goldman

The Encyclopedia Of Serial Killers - By Brian Lane & Wilfred Gregg

The Giant Book Of Serial Killers - By Colin Wilson

The Giant Book Of True Crime - Edited  By Richard Glyn Jones

The Giant Book Of Villains - Edited  By Esme Hawkes

Murder ‘WHAT DUNIT’ - By J.H.H Gaute & Robin Odell

Murder Casebook - By Marshall Cavendish

The Giant Book Of Killer Women - Edited By Richard Glyn Jones

Mindhunter - By John Douglas

Whoever Fights Monsters - By Robert K.Ressler & Tom Shachtman

I Have Lived In The Monster - By Robert K. Ressler & Tom Shachtman

Signature Killers - By Robert D. Keppel & William J. Birnes

The Butchers - By Brian Lane



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