Ian Brady & Myra Hindley - The Moors Murders


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28-year-old Ian Brady and 24-year-old Myra Hindley were a murderous combination of personalities - like that of Bianchi & Buono.

At a young age Brady burgled houses which got him time in prison.  At prison he learnt all he could about the outside criminal world and decided he would be an enemy to society.

Brady and Hindley first met from working at the same office.  They talked of their sadistic tastes and showed the same interests in nazism and pornography.  It was then that they became a couple.

In September of 1964 Brady and Hindley moved in with Hindley's grandmother.  It's at this time Brady was introduced to Myra's sister, Maureen, and her 17-year-old husband, David Smith.  Brady immediately wanted to impress Smith with his tales of theiving and criminal knowledge.

To prove himself more to Smith, Brady picked up 17-year-old homosexual Edward Evans, on 6 October 1965.  Brady tied Evans up in his home and invited Smith over.  Brady then smashed Evans skull in with an axe in front of Smith who was horrified.

The next day Smith contacted the police who arrested Brady and Hindley.  The police searched the house and found a dead boy in the bathroom and also found evidence of other murders.  With this evidence the police dug up the Moors north of Manchester and discovered the bodies of two children.

Brady and Hindley's modus operandi was to pick up young people, sometimes the victim was subjected to rape and mutilation then killed and buried.  It was estimated that they killed about 6 young people.

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were convicted of murder on 6 May 1966 and sentenced to life imprisonment.



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