Dean Corll - The Candyman


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Dean Corll, who was a 33-year-old electrician and a homosexual serial killer, murdered up to 27 boys along with other accomplices in Houston.

On 8 August 1973, 18-year-old Wayne Henley called police to tell them that he had killed Corll in his house at Pasadena.  Corll, a homosexual with sadistic tastes, had been shot 6 times with a .22 pistol.  His house had a torture room in which the furniture consisted of a wooden board with handcuffs fitted at each top corner and rope knots at each bottom corner.

Henley told of Corll’s dope parties, and how he sodomized boys on his torture board before killing them.  Reference to the names of three boys known to be missing led the police to a boat-shed rented by Corll in Houston.  The police found the bodies of seventeen boys under the floor of the boat shed, and ten more were found at other burial sites.

Henley said that Corll, whom he had known for about three years, paid him $200 a head to get potential victims for him.  Corll loved to play with children; he took them for rides in his car and gave them candy.  He was known as ‘a real good neighbour and a real good guy’.

Corll arranged children’s parties to help Henley and his accomplices set up prospective victims for his torture room.  He strangled and shot the boys, whom he sexually abused and mutilated.  But the murders stopped in Pasadena, when Corll lost his domination and was shot dead by Henley.  Henley told how after a dope session with Corll, he woke up on the torture board, he talked his way out and when released, he shot Corll dead.

Wayne Henley, who admitted killing some of the victims, was tried for murder in July 1974.  He was Found guilty and sentenced to six 99-year terms of imprisonment.  His killing of Dean Corll was judged to be a justifiable homicide.



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