Albert Fish - The Brooklyn Vampire



Albert Fish was born in Washington DC in 1870.  At the age of 5 he was put into an orphanage.  At the orphanage he took sexual excitement in being abused which fuelled his mind for his fascination with sado-masochism.

At 7-years-of-age his mother took him out of the orphanage because she had obtained a job.  Shortly after he had a severe fall off a cherry tree which caused a head injury from which he would have permanent problems with such as headaches and dizzy spells ( head injuries happen to many serial killers early in their childhoods).

At the age of twenty he moved to New York, by then he had been involved in masochistic-homosexual relationships.  In New York he began raping children and paticapated in bizarre sexual acts.

He committed his first murder in 1910 from which he mutilated and tortured his victim.  From then on he indulged in torturing and killing children.  In the 1920's Fish travelled accross 23 US states painting house's, he seized this as a perfect opportunity to commit his perverted acts on children.

Fish also frequently read the bible and said that god-like voices had told him to kill.   He also liked inserting needles into his body near the genitals, acts of pain sexually excited him.

On 28 May 1928 a man calling himself Frank Howard made acquantices with the Budd family.  One day Mr Howard asked if he could take Grace, their 10-year-old daughter, to a party.  The Budds allowed him and they never saw their daughter or the old man ever again.  The Mr Howard was in fact the 58-year-old Albert Fish, who thought up the idea of killing Grace Budd so he could use her body for acts of cannibalism.

Six years later the Budd's received an anonymous letter from the murderer who admitted to killing Grace and afterwards cooked and ate her body.  The police tracked the letter back to some apartments where they matched the writing of the letter to Albert Fish who was a tenant.

Albert Fish was also the 'Brooklyn Vampire' who claimed the lives of four children in 1932-34.  Fish was sent to trial for the murder of Grace Budd, his defence was insanity.  The jury did not agree and Fish was sentenced to death.

At Sing Sing Prison on 16 January 1936 Albert Fish who described the death sentence as 'the supreme thrill of my life', was electrocuted.  The first electrical charge failed as it was short circuited by all the needles Fish had inserted in his body over the years.  Albert Fish had committed hundreds of sexual assaults and 16 or more murders.



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