There is the disorganized killer and the organized killer.  Most serial killers(about 3/4) are organized and their victim counts seem to be higher, that is also because they are usually above average intelligence.  The disorganized offender is lonely and his murders usually display his anger, most are of a low IQ and suffer from some mental disorder, the killing is not planned and is a usually spur of the moment thing.  It should also be noted that some serial killers display both the characteristics of a disorganized and organized killer, these killers are typed as being 'mixed'.  The characteristics do not apply all of the time but they are usually 3/4 applicable to the organization of the killer.   These are the basic typologies -


Organized Killer(eg. Gacy, Bundy) -

Disorganized Killer(eg. Berkowitz, Chase ) -


In Their Younger Life

These are the keypoints in a serial killers younger life, such as his childhood, family and school life, etc.

Organized Killer -

Disorganized Killer -



These are the keypoints in a serial killers life after their youth and when they are killing or may soon do so.  These keypoints also apply to homosexual serial killers as I did refer to the keypoints as heterosexuals but homosexual serial killers are also applicable.

Organized Killer -

Disorganized Killer -

Bibliography - 'Whoever Fights Monsters' by Robert K. Ressler & Tom Shachtman.



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