Pedro Lopez - The Monster of The Andes


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Pedro Lopez, AKA 'The Monster of the Andes' killed more than three hundred girls in Peru, Ecuador and Columbia in the late seventies and early eighties until he was caught.

When he was young he was molested by a pedophile and deserted by his family.  Getting into theft, at 19 he went to prison where he was sodomized by 4 other inmates, he killed three of them as payback.

When released he travelled from Peru to Columbia, by this time he had killed over 150 girls.  He would usually pick up prostitutes whom he strangled and later dumped their bodies in a river.

Lopez was finally arrested after suspicion of murder in 1980.  He told police of his amazing 300+ tally, and he led them to gravesites.  Lopez was sentenced to life imprisonment.



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