Aileen Wuornos


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Near Christmas time, 1989, the body of Richard Mallory was found in woods in Ormond Beach, Florida.  He had been shot 4 times with a .22 handgun.  Twelve more months past, 6 more dead men were found.  All the victims were middle aged and found near highways.  They had been robbed of money and valuable possessions, and their cars had been stolen and found shortly afterwards.  All the victims had been shot by a .22 handgun.

The FBI knew that there was one or two female serial killers on the loose.  If the killer/s was male, there had been no evidence of homosexual activity.  It was clear that the motive wasn't just gain.

The announcement of a female serial killer set the media into a frenzy.  Soon after witnesses came forward to give police descriptions of two women seen abandoning a car belonging to that of one of the dead men.

The descriptions were released in December 1990, soon after people came forward who recognised the pictures as 28-year-old Tyria J. Moore and 34-year-old Aileen Wuornos.  Moore was arrested by police and agreed to testify against Wuornos, who was her lesbian partner.

In January 1991 Wuornos was arrested and confessed to killing the men in self defense as they had tried to rape her.  The question raised that brought her claims to be false was why would a woman shoot several men who had supposedly tried rape her in the space of just 12 months.  She also told of how Moore was not involved in any of the crimes committed.  She then went to go on about her past of how her grandfather had sexually abused her and that she was raped at 13.

Moore was released and Wournos faced trial.  In court the evidence summed up and Wuornos was sentenced to the electric chair.

Wournos was unlike other female serial killers, who's motive is usually profit.  But in this case the motive seemed to be revenge, because Wuornos had been raped and abused by men.



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