Zodiac Killer



An mysterious murderer known only as the 'Zodiac'( signed from his taunting letters sent to newspapers), killed five people in San Francisco between December 1968 and October 1969.  The Zodiac killer selected his victims at random and killed them usually by a blitz shooting attack.

The first known murder by the Zodiac killer happened on 20 December 1968, a man approached a couple sitting in their car in Vallejo, California, and shot them dead.

On the 5 July 1969 the Zodiac struck again, shooting a couple in their car near the Vallejo area, leaving a woman dead and a man wounded.

Letters were sent to newspapers in San Francisco supposedly claiming to be from the killer, and were signed 'Zodiac' which was adopted by the media to name the mysterious killer.  In some of the letters there was lines in code which was decoded by an cipher expert, this read some things such as - 'hunting humans was the most exciting of all sports'.

The Zodiac killer struck again on the 27 September 1969 at Lake Berryesa.  A hooded plump man wearing glasses held a couple at gunpoint at a picnic area and then stabbed them both, killing the woman.  The killer then notified the police with a telephone call.

The last known murder happened on the 11 October when a San Francisco taxi driver was shot dead.  A letter was sent to a San Francisco newspaper accompanied by a bloodied piece of the taxi driver's shirt.  That was the last known murder although the Zodiac sent more letters threatening more murders.

The Zodiac Killer case remains unsolved.  It is still believed that the Zodiac Killer is continuing his tally.



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